Church Literature

Listed on this page are a few topics about our Apostolic doctrine.

God Created You to be holy


God created us all not just so, but for the purpose of living a holy life.  Read and understand this purpose of mankind on the earth.

The crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ was crucified and was in the grave three days and three nights according to the scriptures. Here you will find a synopsis explaining the scriptural documentation of what day of the week and the time of day each phase of this event occurred.

  • Crucifixion (Read)

  • Marriage and divorce


    Divorce has become increasing common among the so-called people of God today. Read what Jesus Christ has to say concerning one of the most controversial subjects in the religious world.

  • Marriage (Read)
  • the Christmas spirit is a false spirit


    True believers in Jesus Christ do not partake in the Christmas celebration. To do so would be contrary to the scriptures.

  • Christmas (Read)
  • Women Preachers


    Many women are claiming the anointing of God in the ministry of preaching. But did Jesus really call women to preach?

  • Women Preachers (Read)