Make a Difference

One person in the Lord's kingdom can make a big difference.

Some of us may think of ourselves as insignificant or unimportant even though we have made it into the Church. Some may think that what they do or say would not have a significant impact on anything.

Many momentous things have occurred because one somebody made the sacrifice or spoke up and stood for truth. Think of Mordecai and how he would not bow down to Haman in respect to another law. Think of Esther and how because of her obedience to Mordecai she was able to help save the Jews. Read the book of Esther. Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, when the angel spoke to her submitted and allowed her personal life to be put on hold in order to bring the savior, Jesus Christ, into the world. Luke 1:27-38 The little slave girl who waited on Naaman's wife, spoke of her faith in the healing of God for his leprosy if only Naaman would contact the prophet.  2 Kings 5:1-3

These and others where humble and believed in the Lord according to His word. Today, we also should demonstrate such faith. Think of this: how would you know, a profound miracle may be waiting to happen through you.

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